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“If You’ve Never Imagined Yourself Using the Power of Your Femininity to Achieve Your Dream Career, Then You’re in for a Marvellous Surprise…”

Most women are looking to climb the corporate ladder by working harder – but those who succeed know that they can do it by aligning with their purpose and inner truth…

Hello lovely...

If you're like most career women, you're probably trying to achieve success by being stronger, tougher, emotionless... masculine.

That's definitely one way to go about it. But there's one huge, looming problem...

Studies have shown that quite a lot of women are afraid to show true emotions at work and become increasingly miserable in their careers. More than half confess to wanting to quit their jobs.

Perhaps you're a talented Intrapreneur or a secret Entrepreneur, and it hurts you to play this small.

You know what I'm talking about right?...

The situation where you wake up in the morning feeling sick in your stomach at the thought of getting out of bed for that job. The years go by and you're stuck at that same job you dread, in the same company, still thinking of your unfulfilled dreams - when you're called for so much more.

It's enough to make you want to give up on your dreams.

But hold up - it doesn't have to be that way...

Instead of curling up under the covers, imagine if you could break free from an average career and create unlimited opportunities for yourself faster and with more ease. Would that interest you?

Well... I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Feminine Confidence!

The 3-Months confidence & career elevation program that helps you break free from self-sabotaging habits so that you can create magnetic confidence, have a better relationship with yourself and slay your career . This program will help you find the intersection of your career and your purpose as you embark on a transformational journey to re-discover yourself. We will expose the subconscious beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing the success you are worthy of so you can go from hesitation to manifestation. Feminine Confidence will take you on an empowering process of reinvention through clarity, depth, energetic realignment and strategic implementation.

Here Are the 3 Good Reasons Why Feminine Confidence is Your Surefire Way to Achieve Your Dreams...

Reason #1

You go from self-sabotage to self-fulfilment. You kick self-doubt to the curb with transformational confidence coaching to rejuvenate your self-worth so you can show up powerfully.

Reason #2

You clarify, align, design - and slay.

I help you get clear on your vision, values and priorities to design your life and career with intention and implement with power.

Reason #3

By the end of the program, you will be able to communicate your value with confidence and impact so that you can cultivate the executive presence you need to elevate to your next level.

In this fast transformational program, I will show you how to stop undervaluing yourself and start building up your self-esteem and confidence like a boss!

Here’s what you’ll discover through the program:



You'll find out the Feminine Confidence process to connect to your strengths and build unshakeable self-belief - no more self-doubt!


Clear Next Steps

You'll discover the quick and easy way to get out of confusion into a purpose-driven career you can't wait to get up to!



You'll learn the one thing you should NEVER do if you want to become a woman of influence


Renewed Energy

You'll discover surprising ways to vibrate to the frequency of abundance and reconnect to your feminine energy - this is so amazing, you'll wish you had known about this months ago!


Atomic Habits

Inspired by the book! You'll find out which habits have been sabotaging your results all this time and what you need to do instead to up-level yourself & your career


Key Mistakes To Avoid

You'll find out the top 3 mistakes most women make when they are trying to elevate their careers, and how to avoid them so you can create fulfilment in yours

Here’s what you’ll get when you join now:


1:1 Transformational Coaching Sessions

As part of being a client of Feminine Confidence, you'll get 10x bi-weekly 60 mins coaching sessions over 12 weeks


Psychometric Assessments

Get ready for the deep dive! I have juicy psychometric assessments lined up for you so you get the level of clarity about yourself you never had before


Design Your Life Masterclass

Get access to this transformational 2-hour masterclass to design your life & career. An intimate, powerful masterclass with amazing women on the level up journey.


Career & New Business Resources

You'll get access to productivity, career, business, self-actualisation and planning templates to secure your next best role or elevate your new business


Accountability Partnership

Do you think that I would leave you without delving into your goals personally? I will be your cheerleader AS WELL AS your challenge partner. I will assess your goals and progress on a bi-weekly basis


Unlimited Support

Got a question or need help in between sessions? I got you. You will get unlimited support via email and direct access to me via slack (responses within 24 hours)

Does this speak to you?

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Clients Love

“Nelly helped me to focus on my values, and worked with me to narrow down a broad range of possibilities for my future work to a concept that integrates many of my skills and interests and that I am truly excited about! I have a list of action steps to take after our coaching sessions and have already begun doing them! I also feel so much more confident in the next part of my professional journey!! I don't know how Nelly could get any more brilliant!!!”

— Gail, University Professor, California

“'I have learned so much about myself. You have reignited my self-belief. I know my strengths now, I can speak about them openly and I know I am worth more. Thank you for helping me to realise it.”

— Katia, Assessment Manager, Birmingham


What is femininity?

Femininity in its essence means confidence in being a woman - indulging in the essentials of womanliness with softness of mind, body and tongue. Feminine power inspires, it is a beautiful dance of strength and softness, beauty, authenticity and nurture. It means owning all that you are, not being afraid to be yourself and living the life that you truly want.

Who is the Feminine Confidence Program for?

Feminine Confidence is designed for professional women looking to boost their confidence and have a better, loving relationship with themselves. It is for women who want to make a change and chart a more fulfilling course aligned with their core values, purpose and feminine energy.

This program is not for men nor for women who are anti-femininity.

Am I guaranteed a job?

No. Feminine Confidence will give you the guidance, coaching and tools to make the changes you want to see in your life and career. This however does not guarantee a new job.

Why do I even need a Confidence & Career Coach?

Your level of success is at the level of your self-belief. The one trait successful people have in common is their dedication to building their confidence. Your self-doubt, self-sabotage and mindset blocks are the absence of self-confidence and, are dream killers. Without a strong confidence base in who you are and your abilities, how can you fulfil your own potential? A Confidence & Career Coach helps you breakthrough your self-limitations to create more fulfilment in your life and career.

How much is the program?

This is a four figure coaching program.

We can discuss the best service approach for you if we are a great fit for working together.

What skills do I need to join the program?

You need to bring commitment for the duration of the program, a willing attitude and open-mindedness to be coached and trust the process.

How fast can I expect to get results?

Your results will depend on the work you put in, during, after and in-between the sessions and modules. Many of my clients have seen results from the first session. The coaching journey will equip you with the tools to elevate yourself, break free from your limiting beliefs so you can become the highest version of yourself.

How do I know this is right for me?

If you are committed to being the best version of yourself, and embark on a journey of transformation and elevation - this program is for you.

What if I am an Entrepreneur now, does this apply to me?

Entrepreneurship is a career. 84% of business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, impacting how they show up for their business. They are even more susceptible to lacking confidence especially at the beginning of their journey. This program is perfect for business owners in the first 3 years of their entrepreneurial journey since quitting their 9-5 (or juggling both).

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