Confidence and Career Success,

The Feminine Way.

I empower women to break free from limiting beliefs to create a happier

work life with femininity and purpose.


Confidence coaching in the power of femininity.

My coaching approach helps you break free from self-sabotaging habits to increase your confidence and reconnect you to your femininity, so that you can show up powerfully and thrive in your career.

Whether you are a professional woman or a business owner, your level of personal and career success is at the level of your self-belief.

The inner work you invest in to truly get to know yourself and unravel the limiting beliefs that are stopping you is the cornerstone to creating the abundance you desire in your life and career.

My coaching approach takes you on a journey of deep awakening and transformation to develop a better relationship with yourself and thrive in the power of your femininity, increasing your confidence and your results.

Is this you?

You have lost confidence in yourself and/or your abilities.

You are struggling with self doubt, low self-worth or imposter syndrome.

You are stressed out, overwhelmed or if not already, on the verge of burn out

- excessively in your masculine energy.

You don't like your job.

You have a fear of visibility and struggle to show up.

You are feeling misaligned and unfulfilled in your work life.

You are playing small and know you are meant to be more.

You are confused about the next steps in your career journey.

You are not being paid your worth.

You desire to be an Entrepreneur but too scared to take the leap.

How many of the above did you say yes to?

These are your warning signs that something bigger is going on...

and here is your opportunity to do something about them...

How I can help you

#1 Shift Your Beliefs

You go from self-sabotage to self-fulfilment. Kick self-doubt to the curb with transformational confidence coaching to rejuvenate your self-worth so you can show up powerfully.

#2 Slay Your Vision

You clarify, align, design - and slay.

I help you get clear on your vision, values and priorities to design your life & career with intention so you can implement with power.

#3 Own The Room

You 'WoW' in the fullness of your authenticity.

I help you to communicate your value with confidence and impact so that you can cultivate the executive presence you need to elevate to your next level.

Nelly helped me to focus on my values, and worked with me to narrow down a broad range of possibilities for my future work to a concept that integrates many of my skills and interests and that I am truly excited about! I have a list of action steps to take after our coaching sessions and have already begun doing them! I also feel so much more confident in the next part of my professional journey!!

I don't know how Nelly could get any more brilliant!!!



Once you break free from your self-sabotaging habits and become unapologetic about owning your worth, your career success becomes inevitable.

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